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Comment 11 by Stevehill :

But billions of Christians do not believe the psychopathic version on which Harris's thesis depends. Even the Catholics have abandoned "limbo" (where unbaptised kids go until they hopefully merit a place in heaven); mainstream Christian doctrine is not that every dead Hindu infant burns forever, but that they'll probably be OK because they never knew any different.

Do you have a source for the "billions do not believe in hell" statement? I was raised catholic and I'm only 31, and was definitely taught that hell is real and you go there unless you accept God, go to church, receive communion, say confession. I'm pretty sure that evangelicals believe that as well.

Even if Johnny Churchgoer doesn't take it too seriously or doesn't think about it, he is still giving money to the organization which does. At the very least he's listening to that org's views on other moral issues.

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