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Do you have a source for the "billions do not believe in hell" statement?

I didn't say that. I'm no theologian but my understanding is that there is no prima facie assumption that a non-catholic who has never been made aware of the "good news" (some three month old in Tibet say) is going to burn forever.

Most Catholics and indeed Protestants have a far more nuanced, and forgiving, view these days.

I won't presume to excuse Pentacostalists, Evangelists and Presbyterians, who are all stark raving mad. But in most parts of the world they are also a minority.

Harris should at east give credit where it is due: lots of Christians, and Christian charities, do lots of good work. There are many things to attack them for, and deservedly so, but lack of morality is reaching...

Actually I wish more Christians would practice the morality their own Bible tells them to. Rather than fleecing their followers, Camping style. Or covering up paedophilia, Pope style.

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