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Comment 23 by Steve Zara :

I didn't say that. I'm no theologian but my understanding is that there is no prima facie assumption that a non-catholic who has never been made aware of the "good news" (some three month old in Tibet say) is going to burn forever.

I can back that up. As a UK Catholic growing up in the 60s Hell was not mentioned. It was considered to be old-fashioned nonsense. Also, we didn't believe that a non-Catholic would go to Hell if not baptised.

The general feeling was that Catholicism was just one route to being a good person. It didn't matter much if at all if you were Church of England, or even Muslim. They were just aspects of the same thing. Even the idea of a personal God was thought a bit silly.

There was a lot of impatience with the Vatican, as it imposed all kinds of harsh rules that made people's lives miserable. We thought of the Pope as hopelessly out of date. Our priests really didn't mind much about matters like contraception.

I don't know how common my type of Catholicism is, but I can confirm it did exist.

As you're very much aware, any configuration of religious beliefs you can possibly think of exists. The fact that some christians have poor reading comprehension, doesn't make The Bible any more palatable.

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