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Stevehill is in error. Every religious poll of christians demonstrates that they overwhelmingly believe in hell, heaven, efficacy of prayer, and the creation myth.

Here's a simple way to find out: using Google, put in the various denominations you are curious about, along with the words "belief" and "hell" -- then look what the denominations themselves have to say.

Sample: Southern Baptist --

The unrighteous will be consigned to Hell.

Or you can let others do the research for you, and then look at their links (check out Hell):


For me, there is another immorality that goes unspoken. You are alive on Earth for, say, 100 years. You die without jesus. How long is the appropriate punishment for that, in order to retain morality? One million years of torment? One billion? One trillion? Several hundred cycles of the universe Big Bang/Big Crunch (if that is the cosmology model that turns out to be right)? Several trillion universal cycles? All for what was done during 100 years?

How can anyone in their right mind think that would be just or moral?

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