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I didn't say that. I'm no theologian but my understanding is that there is no prima facie assumption that a non-catholic who has never been made aware of the "good news" (some three month old in Tibet say) is going to burn forever.

No, only decent people who take care of their families, contribute to society and leave a legacy of good, but rejected the various death cult/s as nonsense.

Harris should at east give credit where it is due: lots of Christians, and Christian charities, do lots of good work. There are many things to attack them for, and deservedly so, but lack of morality is reaching...

Yes, we should give credit to Mao for modernising China and to Hamas for feeding the poor and supporting widows, too. That doesn't mean we can't condemn them along with the Church for their murderous acts and immoral and nonsensical ideologies.

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