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I'm not even going to read the whole article because what the BioLogos argument says reminds me of another, similar argument. Before the American Civil War, the defense of slavery was rooted in the Bible and Christian beliefs. There were a very few attempts to defend slavery on secular grounds, but even they had to bow down to the religious basis of slavery. Christian abolitionists responded by, basically, trying to rewrite and re-translate the Bible to make it oppose slavery, when it clearly condones, even commands slavery. In the 1850s, an abolitionist publication printed an article that complained how Christians who defended slavery on religious grounds were creating atheists right and left. Christians abolitionists also complained how the slaves were hostile to Christianity because it was the source of their repression. So here we have someone saying that linking the Bible to anti-evolutionism creates skeptics. Then, we had people saying that linking the Bible to slavery created atheists. When it comes to religion, nothing really has changed in many thousands of years. Humanity progresses through science and reason; religion flounders in shamanistic delusions. Pathetic.

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