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← Freedom of information laws are used to harass scientists, says Nobel laureate

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I think Sir Paul's conclusion would be obvious to anyone who's looked into the so-called "scandal" at East Anglia University. This was characterised by the odious James Dellingpole as a deliberate deceit and the biggest fraud in the history of science. In fact, it was simply that one single graph prepeared for a non-specialist audience had been simplified (almost a decade before certain right-wing sections of the media bothered to take notice), and a few experts had used a couple of phrases that were open to deliberate mis-interpretation by their opponents in what they believed to be private emails (they were hacked by climate-change denying phishers). In short, there was no case to answer for at all on the part of the scientists, and they were completely exonnerated by four (four!) independent enquiries. The climate-change deniers on the other hand were exposed as cherry-pickers of the very worst sort who had had to resort to dredging up one piss-poor line graph and a couple of emails from a decade ago in order to attempt to discredit climate change. Of course, the (overwhelming) case for climate change rests on a great deal more than the work of one university. Curiously, all the media outlets who had devoted the most space to the unfounded case against somehow failed to report on the four (four!) separate independent enquiries which all cleared East Anglia University of any wrong-doing.

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