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im an extremely liberal pro-choice minded individual and i dont see how having a distaste in abortion is hypocritical in any way.

someone above seemed to get a little emotional and hinted at opposition to abortion came from feelings of male-domination.on the contrary....

i see abortion as a result of a world population rooted in male domination.there are also women who will defend thier right to wear the burka,or to have genital mutilation done to themselves or thier daughters.i just cant fathom the idea that had human society been rooted in equality,that things like abortions,burkas,or genital mutilation would be agreed upon .had women been equal from day one,i believe these things would have been resolved long ago,by them.

being pro choice to me is like being pro band-aid.sure im all for it. it only dresses the wound though,it doesnt ADDRESS the wound.

Thu, 30 Aug 2007 05:06:00 UTC | #63106