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When I used to manage a large American political forum, there was a subsection just for religion. I never ceased to be amazed at just how much evidence for the age of the universe creationists were capable of blatantly ignoring.

The question of how on Earth it is possible to see something 13 billion light years away if the universe is not at least 13 billion years old was a perennial topic. Indeed, never mind 13 billion.......howcome we even see stars beyond 6000 light years, which is only a small fraction of our own galaxy.

The mind numbingly idiotic response of creationists is invariably some special invocation to God's magic wand changing the laws of physics. The most idiotic of all being that God created the universe 'already old'.

The truly absurd lengths that creationists go to. God created 200 billion galaxies in a region 40 billion light years wide.....and made it 'look' as though it was all 13 billion years old......all so that one poxy little spec of dust could have life on it.

But one question leaves creationists utterly stumped. Why does an all-powerful God, with such an amazing magic wand, NEED to create 10 ^ astronomical number.... more atoms than are necessary to sustain Earth ? If he does need to....and what other explanation is there......then he is subject to the laws of physics. So why not just dump God and go with the laws of physics ?

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