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So, by now, whatever galaxy that star is part of could be teeming with intelligent civilizations, and all the galaxies along that unthinkably long line of intervening space could be as well, and we would never know it.

If I'm not horribly mistaken there's no good reason to believe that life elsewhere in the universe isn't also darwinian life and since religion is an unavoidable by-product of natural selection on the path to higher intelligence and organized societies I bet they all killed each other off a looong time ago.

Religion gets a bad rap for making homo sapiens kill one another. The reality is that "killing our own" has been hard wired into our makeup for way longer than religion has been around.

Chimps and humans are the only 2 species of mammals that regularly kill each other and we both evolved from a common ancestor that preumably did the same. The rate of "killing" amongst homo sapiens is actually lower than it was "pre-religion" and lower than exists today within most chimp populations. Yes, today man will still kill one another over religious differences, border disputes, oil, etc, but we are doing so to a less extent than the hunter and gatherers.

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