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← W.L. Craig claims L. Krauss thinks child rape "may be morally acceptable".

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I thought Krauss was a pretty lousy debater. I certainly don't side with WLC but he did present much better.

For's all the stupid questions that the debates are put to.

Is there evidence for god?

Is Religion a Force for Good in the World?

Does god exist?

The debate simply dies on:

No. Thank you. Any questions?

Can we be good without god

The same

Yes. Thank you. Any questions?

I think we need to debate these religi-nuts on all the myriad of problems in their book. Make them defend all the insanities in their book. This would illustrate to some fence-sitter believers what is actually written in their book and perhaps they would be swayed to come to enlightenment. This would force them to try to defend such reprehensible conduct and demands that their faith requires of them that are written in their book.

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