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Actually, Nazism *was* Christian, explicitly and avowedly. This is well documented and only a few religious apologists try to deny it. One of the most important reasons they targeted Jews was that (according to them) Jews rejected and murdered Christ.

But that's not really the point anyway: atheism, as the lack of theism, is not a single worldview. It has no banner to march under. Stalin's opinions and my opinions have practically nothing in common. Religious people who think of atheism as just another religion can't grasp this point; they think Stalin and I must be following some pope of atheism, because it's the only way they know.

Rational humanism is just as opposed to Stalin and Mao as it is to Hitler, Torquemada and bin Laden - and for most of the same reasons. In fact, Stalin has more in common with bin Laden than either one does with me. Worshipping the ideals of communism and believing (in spite of the evidence) that they will create a workers' paradise may be technically an atheist belief, but it's still a faith-based belief which it is forbidden to question and not an evidence-based belief open to argument and reevaluation at any time. That division is even more fundamental than the one between theism and atheism and it puts Stalin where he belongs - on the same side as the religious and against the side of me, Sagan and Dawkins.

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