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I personally do not see what the issue is. I agree that education should be free but this is not a realistic option in the current climate in England. I am from Scotland, where university education is free and I consider that the jewel of Scotland.The USA has NASA, South Africa has wild safaris but free education is what I want to be remembered when people think of Scotland.

However, it's certainly not cheap and costs an eye watering amount. The money must come from somewhere either directly from students or through taxes.

I would also say that watching youtube lectures and reading books is a good way to learn. However attending some type of classroom will help ensure that individuals actually manage to learn what they are suppose to. People learn differently, some prefer reading, working alone or going out in the world to see the art for themselves or to actually experiment with whatever. University is just another method of learning.

This is reality. How many of you paid for your own education?

Sun, 05 Jun 2011 17:54:21 UTC | #634306