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The generous New College scholarship and exhibition schemes ensure that finance should not be a barrier to any talented UK student who wants to apply to New College. The schemes are competitive, based on academic ability and potential, and the scholarships are means-tested.

And yet

assisted places will be offered to 20% of the first year's intake.

So it has been calculated that of the first year's potential intake only 20% would find 18k tuition fees a barrier. I know inflation has made 18k not as much as it used to be, but really?

If it were the case that all applications were assessed on academic potential/merit and then bursaries were awarded independently based only on financial circumstances, then it would be fair, but surely more than 20% would qualify. Presumably the financial model uses the 18k from the wealthy thickos to subsidize the poorer bright kids and that's why the 20% ceiling has had to be put in. The trouble is that, not only is this grossly unfair, but it also undermines the credibility of the institution - an NCHUM degree will not be a badge of excellence, because everyone will know that rich kids can buy one.

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