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This intelligent and reasonable argument brings to mind a continuing phenomenon about humans and religions. Using two examples, out of countless thousands, I can use two American religious cons: David Koresh and James Jones. We need to ask ourselves why so many quite ordinary humans followed these two men to their deaths, with emphasis on the word followed. What is internal in human brains that cause this phenomenon -- what chemical firing mechanism causes such insanity. Then too, the willingness to blindly follow comes in degrees. Is it magic? Is it sorcery? Is it a disease? Why does it effect billions? I suppose there may be a genetic virus, passed down from generation to generation, and occasionally passed from one innocent to another through the medium of language in the hands of a charismatic charlatan, the masters of the con. Then the most dangerous of all, the con who comes to believe in his/her own con, without reservation, without skepticism. Heck, even the man who recently and idiotically predicted the rapture of the conned, sincerely believed in his own con. It is just plain stupid! My grandmother told her grandchildren that ignorance was not so bad, that it could be cured with education and hard work -- but, stupidity, becoming incapable of changing or learning, can only be cured with a 45 (caliber).

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