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I have a very large project to do and so do not have the time for protracted discussion but I feel your appreciation of the situation is totally unrealistic.

Good students (and I currently count myself among them) certainly are a resource but many are a drain - they study pointless courses with no academic rigour or career value (either in terms of direct practical benefit or in terms or the aformentioned academic rigour). I feel it is totally unfair that people wise enough to realise they could better themselves outside of higher education should pay for the fees of those who will do bugger all work until the day before the exams. I notice that so many focus on what is fair for those who want education (although many of them will put in no effort, as my personal experience testifies) but completely ignore what is fair on those who DO NOT want education.

Mentioning bank bailouts, I certainly have no love for many bankers at all, but in the short term I would prioritise protecting the industry responsible for up to 20% of the UK economy (and much of that university funding you cherish) from absolute collapse over the funding of thousands of students who would have benefited much more from something else than their university course.

I'm afraid I feel it is you who is blind.

Tue, 07 Jun 2011 22:31:50 UTC | #635671