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Comment 17 by Mariner :

I totally agree that the consequence of this constant separation and multiplication of viewpoints within Christianity is an obstacle to its credibility...

That, and the complete and utter lack of evidence for any and all assertions.

but propose that this is a matter of perception only.

Yes, but sometimes perception is reality.

If there was no church that had been consistent in its teaching then it would be case closed, but as there is one church that has maintained that consistency... then you cannot logically conclude that the Christian God does not exist.

Is this the same church that taught the geocentric model of our solar system? Or burned heretics at the stake? While both Pope Innocent VIII and Pope Urban VIII accepted slavery as legitimate.

And what exactly is the church's view on mass in Latin? Or Sunday worship? Or gluten-free Eucharist? Hardly consistent.

We can conclude that the Christian God does not exist due to the lack of actual evidence.

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