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We need good short easily understood books about this particular subject, since so many people attribute so much of thier own genetic good nature to their religion, or religious culture. It's great having big guns like Dawkins, but the real groundwork lies in educating people who are used to learning in parables. Most of us I guess can relate to a good metaphor. It's ironic, but the photograph used on the cover of this book was sent to me recently, by a religious friend who loves trying to convert me. It was under the banner "The eye of god!!, and i had to send it on to 11 people to get the blessing! Talk about conditional love. I replied that god does indeed apparently have blue eyes, and hitler was right. This in nauseated ironic contempt.

But she's the type who needs to be told these things in repeated, gentle tones till she cracks the church habit. I hope to buy her a copy.

Wed, 08 Jun 2011 02:26:06 UTC | #635742