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Deary me this film looks absolutely terrible. Also, what on earth is the point? It's just propaganda for the sake of it. We already have well-loved atheists in the mainstream media - anyone who watches House can tell you that! Starring the brilliant Hugh Laurie, a much-loved atheist and rationalist it's the most watched medical drama in history and one of the most watched shows on American television (and worldwide).

Contrasted to this Goddamn awful film, this is probably just gonna take us back a few years of progress. It appears to have absolutely no point other than to show a bit of sex, the Christian fundy as the bad guy and the rational atheist as the good guy. There's absolutely no other reason for it - it is just mindless propaganda and will probably do more to make theists resent us.

Atheism is no 'big thing' - this film is setting it up to be a big important issue. It's not. Atheism is just a lack of belief in a deity. It tells you nothing more about a person - you get stupid atheists and you get some very smart ones.

Absolutely pathetic mindless drivel that equates to nothing more than a brain fart.

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