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This trailer makes it look like the atheist stole the theists partner, which is kind of pathetic. im an atheist and it makes me want to team up with the theists and give the atheist the doc martin dental plan. I'm hopefull that this trailer is a just a twist and the real movie is alot different to the story portraid here. Perhaps this filmmaker needs to read Sam Harris' new book

Plus like what was said in a comment earlyer there are stupid atheists and smart atheists. jeffery dahmar was an atheist, anyone can be. i think the main point isent if some one is an atheist or a religousist, but the way of thinking. This is what i understand from Richard Dawkins books is religon is a way of thinking, not an institution. I mean that in the sence that someone can be atheist and when you ask them why they say "I dont know I just am". Its the habbit of trusting your instincts without question. So always question and try to understand better, cause if no one else tricks you, you will and are right now

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