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I have actually seen this film.

Anyone want some spoilers?

Too bad, I'm not giving any.

It was screened at the American Atheists Conference in Des Moines, Iowa this April. I was skeptical, based on the trailer and the way it was promoted, but was pleasantly surprised that it really was quite a good film. In fact, I highly recommend seeing it. I'm not saying, based on one viewing, that it's a great film, but I'm really looking forward to seeing it again. I'm sure there were some subtleties I missed (especially since the chairs there were horribly uncomfortable, which was distracting).

When I saw the preview, prior to the conference, I, like many here, thought, "What crap." One the first day of the conference though, the director gave a talk. Afterwards I thought, "I've got to see this movie." I'm glad that I did.

I can't even hazard a guess as to how religionists of various stripes will react to the film. I'm sure most of them will see what they want to see. Maybe it will make some of the more open-minded of them think. I'm guessing most nonbelievers will like the film, even though they won't all agree about some of the decisions Matthew (the director) made. (After the screening, many people questioned his decisions).

As far as "A-list" actors, perhaps some will remember Liv Tyler playing a lead role in a (not-so-little) film trilogy called "Lord of the Rings." It was kinda popular. And Terrence Howard is an excellent actor.

Now that I've made a short story long, I'll just say: SEE THIS FILM!

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