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Stevehill, among others, is one of the people who sees this rationally and pragmatically in my opinion.

Practically, free higher education is now totally unsustainable in this country if we still encourage many of those two million students to study pointless courses at sub-standard institutions.

But I still notice how many people state that is fair to give free higher education to those who want it. What about those who don't want it? There are many wise people, who've decided university is not for them, who go on into perfectly productive careers. How is it fair that they should pay for a bunch of lazy students to spend three years drinking, do no work until the day before exams and come out with a 2.1 yet have no job prospects? Of course I, as a student myself, am not saying all students are lazy but frankly I know a fair number who squander their time at university and squander their student loans on alcohol and clothes. I am not exaggerating.

30 years ago, when everyone went to university having earned a place studying an academically rigorous course at a good institution, it's clear to see the justification for taxpayer funding. But now? Many people I know have gone to university, done nothing, learnt nothing and cost the (already struggling) taxpayer a great deal of money for nothing at all. It's wrong. It's just wrong.

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