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I'm from India, and brainwashed is exactly the right adjective to describe what most people here are like. Imagine what would happen if someone in today's USA, or Arab countries claimed to be God. People would laugh at him and if he went any ahead, there would be great protests against him and he would probably be stoned in countries with Muslim majority. Now take the case of India, There are thousadns of babas here, self-acclaimed godmen. One such example is Sathya Sai Baba, who claimed to be the reincarnation of another baba of the last century and also said that he is a God. And guess what was Indians' response? They started worshiping him ! All you need to become a baba is wear safron robes, talk about drivel (read spirituality and religion) and claim to be a god. Even the poverty-stricken Indians would give you bundles of money and richer ones will adorn you with gold. Why do the poor ones give their money to already billionaire trickster baba? In the absurd hopes that they will be payed back one day, that by worshiping such pathetic disgraces to humanity, they will be blessed one day and live a happy life. TO call that a delusion would be an understatement. These people are insane.

Another popular case is of Ramdev Baba and what he claimed might quial your hearts, so be wary before reading ahead. He says that homosexuality is sick and if all the homosexuals are sent to him, he can 'cure' them by breathing and Yoga. However, he goes ahead and says that modern medicine is futile and should be banned from India, with only Ayurvedic ones to cure everything. He can cure cancer and Aids and anything, it's so easy that he is surprised that the West hasn't come up with the solution yet. And what is the solution? Take up his expensive membership and fucking breathe with him. You will be cured of cancer. And the most ridiculous of his claims - I will live 150-200 years. After all these pathetic claims, he has millions of followers. Yes, millions of ignorant followers whose existence is a matter of shame for every thinking person. And the irony is that he is currently in a hospital (150 already?) in a critical condition, surviving on modern medicines. Where did his ayurvedic gyan and breathing go? To hell!

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