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The simple reason, in my opinion, behind that is the helplessness of humans. Many of them can't do anything about their lives themselves, and they know it. But what about others? The only others who give a damn are Gods (or animals, trees, stars, etc, as you say) So the easiest way out of their problems is self-deception which appears to be easily carried out, into believing that someone cares about them and will solve all their problems, magically. Magically, because they know it perfectly well that there is no other way for people to help them (even if there might be, but their ignorance restrains that possibility) than with magic. And the only way the others (imaginary or non-living beings, or those who pretend to care to get respect and money) would help them supernaturally is if they worship them and have unquestionable faith in their powers.

So worshiping is a form of extreme escapism and cowardice, I would say, when you can't face the harsh truth, i.e. reality.

That's why worshiping is directly proportional with the trouble you are in (few care to worship and remember their gods when they are fairly happy) and somewhat inversely proportional with wealth (the poorest countries have the highest belief in god, because poverty leads to more troubles. Example - most African countries.)

That's just my opinion and I've 'faith' that there is a scientific explanation as well.

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