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Yeah right.... thats it. They should just leave....and then the situation just perpetuates itself on and on. Clever move.

You effect change by changing the country from within.

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The country with the largest nuke arsenal is the USA...primary home to every stripe of ugly millenialism and literalist endtimes idiocy on the planet. Are you suggesting that nukes and fundy faithfulness are a bad idea? Best start with the main offenders then. Also throw into your phone list Israel and Pakistan, and in a year or two the real threat that will be Iran.

now...back to the OP

what I find most disturbing about the current situation in India is the apparent return of the oldtimes Kali worship involving human sacrifice. There have been a number of news stories about cases cropping up out in the outlier provinces. Seems the Thuggee have returned. Suttee also seems to be happening again in the same areas....Sleeman must be spinning in his grave

As the article points out (in teh full version) the image of peaceful Hindu faith is a false one. The country is riven by outbreaks of religiosity and religious rioting. It needs to be stamped out good and hard.

I say good luck to these guys....its good to see the movement spreading.

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