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I used to be a religious man during 2001-03. At IISc campus, a priest from ISKON Bangalore would come to campus, recite Geeta and it would end with eating delicious prasadam brought by the priest. At the same time, I was skeptic enough to read Bertrand Russel (why I am not a Christian) and alike.

Since Feb 2006, I am living in UK and thanks to Professor Dawkins (and others like Hitchens), I am a staunch atheist now! I have let my family, friends and relatives know it....No big issue...Everyone listened...those who tried arguing with me, be it senior people than myself, were humiliated with logic. Majority of my friends in UK with Indian Hindu background are atheist to the core. I confess my lack of belief everywhere (applications, social meeting or interviews)....At this point of time, I simply dont care how one perceives my lack of belief.

I for one am surprised how a typical Hindu family is coming into way of these atheist. I think, they need to be daring...No one is going to chase them for their life in India for their lack of belief.

I was, in part, inspired by the 'OUT' campaign as well.

Hail Atheism!

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