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I don't have a problem with cults hiring school buildings when they aren't in use.

They must be made to pay the going square metre rental rates and they can only use an area that is open. No classrooms with the students' work on the walls. The assembly area only; the hall or whatever common room there is.

They have to sign a contract of occupancy stating this otherwise they don't get a look in. The contract should forbid the leaving of literature or any material whatsoever and deny contact with students of the school.

It's the privilege that cults of all stripes expect and get that has to be stopped. The school presumably could use rental income in offsetting its own costs, after all.

I don't know much about education and facilities in the US. They seem to be very parochially managed.

Bloody sneaky little evangelists with their holier than thou behaviour masking their manic need to proselytise.

I am glad I am so old that these things can't affect me or my family directly. Whew!

Mon, 13 Jun 2011 16:58:11 UTC | #637991