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The reason why I left Christianity was that it seemed to me at many times to hold politically incorrect views. From time to time I would even catch a sermon wherein a reverend would proudly proclaim that God is not politically correct and I just couldn't see how anyone could follow something they know is politically incorrect, especially not when one has no proof that what one follows is even real. I tried Krishnaism after leaving the religion I was raised in. Maybe it was George Harrison, maybe it was Allen Ginsberg or Aldous Huxley, maybe it was the fact that (at the time) I was already a vegetarian, maybe it was because there was a Krishna temple nearby, but for some reason I bought a copy of the Bhagavadgita, read it, and started going to the temple on Sundays.

Sunday services were nice if you liked dancing (which I did not) and liked good music and vegetarian foods. But there was also the creepy life-size photo-realist's sculpture of Prabhupada, the idol worship, and passages in the Bhagavadgita that instruct one to only think about how Krishna can be, not about how he can't be (all the while no thought about how he can be proved his existence), and to top it off, reports from India about the suffering of women in Hindu society. So I reluctantly realized that it was nothing different than the religion I'd just left.

There are no scriptures to assign prejudices and tell you not to think associated with atheism.

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