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Ok, time to put the Bible in perspective.

Paul's letters and the Epistles are probably the closest thing we have to what the 1st Century Christians thought Jesus was but his character can easily be attributed to the gathered and accepted philosphies, customs and idealised versions of kings, healers, teachers etc that had been incorporated from many different cultures that had managed to gather in Jerusalem and Galillee. Over and over Paul refers to Jesus as a visionary and spiritual figure and the knowledge that was previously unknown to humanity was now being communicated via visions to Paul who arrogantly claims he knows more about Jesus than anyone.

There are no authentic passages that claim Jesus ever walked on the Earth.

There are those that claim Paul: 1 Thessalonians 2:14-16 and 1 Corinthians 14:34-35 are proof that says otherwise but those passages are complete forgeries. See Richard Carrier for further info.

The 4 Gospels written way after the events took place, whose first editions are lost to humanity, there is no outside evidence to back up any of the claims made by it - ie no other of the surrounding countries around where Jesus was supposed to be reported any activity of any sort.

If the interpolations of Paul's letters, the common use of Midrash and also writers using Pauls name to make their ideas sounds more authentic are not enough then the copies, made from copies that were copied from other copies that emerged from the 2nd century onwards should give you an idea of how fabircated and muddled the Bible stories are. Not to mention the first Canonised/Voted on by human men versions arrived in the 4th century after being influenced by the results of the 1st Council of Nicaea and the Church Fathers or any of the additions and interpollations of monks from the middle ages or the mistranslations from Hebrew, Greek and later Latin before it even got translated into English.... the list is endless.

How anyone can make claims about what Jesus said or did based on the available evidence which suggests strongly otherwise is beyond me.

Claiming there is such a thing as Biblical law is ultimately flawed too - the Old Testament contradicts everything the New Testament claims and the claims of the New Testament are full of flaws and complete lack of corroborating evidence and common sense.

David Barton needs a lesson in the Bible and possibly needs to read it first too!

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