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1) Stay put just to irritate the fundies. Nothing brings them closer to aneurism than the knowledge that an atheist lives in their town and is speaking up about it. It's dangerous to provoke people so terrible detached from reality, but it must be done. Could I do it? Probably not. But I have a very high amount of respect for those that do. I cannot imagine the fear.

2) Run away to where? Where, exactly, is religion not actively trying to suppress free thought and scientific accuracy? Maybe some countries offer more protections to a free thinker, but many of the religious people there are still dangerously deluded time bombs. I'm not sure if you've noticed, but the earth is a sphere in the middle of a universe of deadly hostility toward life. We have no place to run to. We need to stand our ground for just that reason. We need to, as humans interested in human rights, stand our ground and say, "we're right, you're wrong, so back the **** off." (By "right" I mean the fact that a secular society that regards religious affiliation with the same importance as sport team affiliation is healthier than a theocracy. As for being "right" that there is no god, who the hell cares once religion is chased from the public sphere? Religion doesn't deserve a quick, merciful death; let it die slowly and painfully, alone, in back alley ways and basements, drowning in it's own filth and decay.)

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