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It's rather ironic given his theory that Said seems to be providing a preposterous caricature of Western culture while criticizing Western culture for creating a preposterous caricature of Orientalism and the east. He also seems to be stating something that would be plainly obvious to the majority of modern, rational thinking humans with a interest in enquiry: the media has a distorting effect on the truth. Thank you Edward for that pearl.

Comment 257 by PaulinSydney: 'So, in this instance, an understanding of Said allows us to see the very obvious constructedness of these images, and perhaps to seek a more complex understanding of the events happening in Middle East at the moment which does take into account the whole complex relationship between the West and the Arab world.'

The key words in your statement are 'very' and 'obvious.' I had already sought a more complex understanding of the events happening in the Middle East without ever having heard of Said or his theory. What is he adding from the perspective of post-modernism that is new and unique, that i couldn't have worked out myself without prior knowledge of his text? What exactly is the special perspective that the framework of post-modernism is supposed to bring to this area that requires deep understanding of the theory behind it?

I could not, for example, pretend to have a genuine understanding of physics without having first studied in depth the maths/ theory behind it. I could not pluck quantum theory out of thin air using my own rationality and cognition alone.

So what is there in this respect that could be considered comparable in post-modernism? What line of enquiry is there unique to post-modernism that i could not have a comprehension of without first reading the theoretical texts that should make it an academic subject worthy of my time?

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