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Cartomancer is gay, deal with it and stop being a mindless bigot.

I do not and should not have any special privilage being a heterosexual man. I find that utterly absurd. Cartomancer is gay, I'm hetero, some people on here are bi-sexual - we are all consenting adults, as long as neither of us are related or too young to understand what is going on we can all happily bonk away to our heart's content with whom we wish.

Here's a scary thought for you - people are bonking as I type this and as you are reading it. Men are kissing other men right now, women are kissing other women right now, massive groups of men and women are probably at it right now in the same room. All around the world consenting adults are having a really great or possibly boring time - what are you going to do about it? Is it ANY of your concern?

No it bloody well isn't.

However, what you have to realise is they live among us, they live, breathe, laugh, cry, use the toilet, drink beer, drink Tea - everything every other human being is able to do and they have every right to do so.

Don't start telling Cartomancer he cannot be part of the human race, don't tell him or any other gay person they should not be able to live life as everyone else does.

I've just seen my brother get married, it was a truly beautiful moment in my life, don't you dare say Cartomancer be denied the same choice, the same right to have his beautiful moment in life because you can't cope with the fact that it will be with a man.

Oh yes, another thing, using the phrase "natural coitus" and sentences like the one below are just plain scary and creepy as well as being tremendously archaic and stupid.

...We're not talking about some random sex act here but the right to have children and to petition for annulment when denied. Whereas consummation is central to marriage it obviously has no place in civil partnerships... as a matter of fact it's a key point of difference between them.

I would like to hope that you never get married in your life or if you currently are, Odin forbid, I'd be duty bound to rescue your poor wife from all the suffering you would inflict upon her with that sort of attitude.

Women are not baby making machines.

They, like gay people, like bi-sexual people, are human beings, treat them accordingly.

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