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I posted a link to Richard Carrier's disection of Mark 16:9-20 to show that it was written by different authors as an example, also here is a link that argues that they did not put their names to the texts and that they were added in the 2nd Century, not when they were written.

Earl Doherty's book Jesus: Neither God Nor Man: The Case for a Mythical Jesus also confirms this in more detail too

The First Council of Nicaea was called by Emperor Constantine in the year 325 AD in order to cement his rule a lot better, there was considerable division and dispute over many questions of Christianity which he wanted to sort out in order to make the Roman Empire an easier place to rule.

You have Arius, a Christian Priest from Egypt and also the Council of Alexandria who were in severe disagreement over the divinity of Jesus.

Arius believing that "A less than its creator. The Son is less than the Father that 'begot' him. In the Beginning was the Creator God and the Son did not exist." whereas people like the Popes Alexander and Athanasius firmly held the belief that God and Jesus were of the same divinity as equals.

I do know of an Ossius of Cordova in Spain who managed to bend Constantine's ear during the stalemate the Council had when discussing the divinity of Jesus, thus swaying the Council to adopt the teachings of Athanasius & co rather than Arius who was subsequently exiled.

After the decision was reached the above teachings influenced the first canonical Bibles requested by Constantine to be created. The Church Fathers discussed which books were to be included but they were selected, in my humble opinion, based on the results of the 1st Council and the influence of Athanasius & Co.

Here is a good summary of the whole conflict to do with Arianism, it is enormously long, but still interesting to read if you have the time

I hope that helps, by all means correct me if I am wrong


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