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Oromasdes1978 Your objection to people who are related having romantic/sexual relationships that are given status by law is based on what? Please dont say anything about birth defects since you have made it clear that marriage has nothing to do with reproduction. What gives you the right to deny these people membership of "the human race"?

Sorry, if you want to go and marry your siblings, please do not let my harsh criticisms get in the way, I just don't think it is a wise option.

Keymaker - where to start?

Accept gay marriage because Cartomancer is gay? What sort of an argument is that? That’s even less convincing than the points I’ve already despatched.

I think it's a pretty damn good argument, you seem to be unable to accept that Cartomancer is gay and recognise he should be allowed the same rights as you have, I'm telling you to deal with it and stop being a bigot, it's perfectly simple.

It’s you indulging in personal insults not me - perhaps you should take your own advice.

Er, you personally insulted a man who I have nothing but the greatest admiration and respect for soley because of his sexuality, what the hell were you expecting exactly, a medal?

We’re not on privileges or bonking here but gay marriage. Marriage requires consummation so Parliament thought it best to introduce civil partnerships to equalise tax and inheritance righ... I’m sure I’ve already explained this.

You really think that now my brother is married the first thing he should be doing is making babies?Why are you so set on this weird notion? I've never heard anyting so ridiculous in my life - reminds me of priests in Italy who, if a couple had not produced at least one child in the first year of their marriage, would go and bonk the wife themselves to ensure that the wife DID get pregnant.

What about me, I never want to have kids but I can see myself possibly getting married one day - would that make my marriage anything less of a marriage because I am not going to have kids?

There is no difference between me getting married and not having kids or Cartomancer getting married and not having kids.

No I think you’ve lost the plot with that to be honest

Why thanks, that's very kind.

Pot, kettle and something about black suddenly springs to mind when I read your accusation there. You hate gay people and you think women are solely on this planet to make babies - sure, I've lost the plot completely.

Oh, I wouldn't be scared by precise terminology if I were you - makes communication easier.

No, I'm an English and History graduate, words don't scare me - I'm more worried about which century you think you are living in

No I mean that's what civl partnerships are for - unions that don't need to be consummated or annulled for non consummation - in that sense they're actually more suitable for gays.

Here we go again with the baby making, what is wrong with you? How evil are you really? I'll say it again, I dread to think of the horror you will put some poor woman through with that attitude.

Anyway, look, it's getting a bit repetitive in here because it seems not everyone has followed the thread all that closely and are asking the same questions over and over.

That is because you are not listening.

I'm gonna have to take my leave of absence to get on with those projects I was talking about.

Don't let the door hit you on the arse on the way out, you might start having gay thoughts....oh the horrors!

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