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Thank you for that post, you have shown me where I was wrong in my arguement and I admit I haven't argued my case well enough.

One reason for that is because I was too busy testing the water a little to see where your line of argument was headed, I was slightly worried you were equating incest along with being gay but I didn't want to be rude if that wasn't the case, which it clearly isn't and for that I apologise.

You do have an excellent point and I agree with it.

I guess what bothers me at the present moment is that I, as a heterosexual man, have more rights than others based solely on my sexuality and it does not make sense to me. I could drag my girlfirend down the register office tomorrow, get married and the state would bequeth many a tax break and other allowences upon us. More so if I were to have children.

There seems to be a favouritism towards one sexuality and I don't like that, I don't agree with it.

You can read above how people like Cartomancer are made to feel in society and I guess I'm arguing for something better, I want others to enjoy what I could enjoy, should I want to.

There has to be a better and more equal way of dealing with it. I don't want to erode the system of marriage as such as I want to make it more equal. I can't begin to tell you how incredible it was to be witness to an expression of two people's love for each other in a ceremony like the humanist one I was able to attend, I guess I want everyone to be free to enjoy that moment in life. Taking that away would make the world a worse place, in my humble opinion.

But then again, like you said there are people who live together who won't get married, what about them? I'd hate for them to feel oppressed or discriminated against either - it does kind of make marriage a bit elitist. Perhaps two systems set up to benefit each in their own way or something.

Hmm something to ponder upon, but in the meantime, I hope that makes things clearer.

Thank you again for pointing out where I was wrong, helps enormously


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