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Comment 9 by ZenDruid :

This guy needs to be given the Carlin and Python boxed sets, if he's such a comedy aficionado. Or a session of Life of Brian a' la Ludovico.

Religion is excruciatingly funny, who has not seen father Ted and pissed themselves laughing? Well the Poop for one and the Irish Catholics are reported to think it is a documentary but heh............

It is hard to crack jokes about rational thinking, but religion? well maybe it is the hypocrisy, idiocy, muddled thinking, pre-occupation with the matrimonial unpleasantness of sex and virgins, the self deprecating, supercilious incongruity of priests who flog themselves to distract themselves from masturbating and sell bullshit to the feeble minded every sunday and the whole gallimaufry of batshit philosophy which lends itself to so much satire and farce?

Perhaps religion was invented to give us all something to laugh about but the religios haven't seen the joke!

Wed, 22 Jun 2011 07:40:04 UTC | #641564