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What a stupid article. What a narrow-minded viewpoint.

Contemporary stand-up comics do not spend the majority of their time mocking religion, but it's a rich source of comic material. They also make jokes about birth, death, politics, sex, relationships, men, women, pets, animals, TV, films, history, nations, cultures, fashion, food, drink, architecture, language, literature, work, school, technology, astronauts, scientists, etc. In fact they'll make fun of just about anything.

But there's no need to try to balance out these topics. A comic who can only makes jokes about one area of life would merely be seen as having a limited amount of material or comic ideas.

I'll tell you a funny joke about a stamp collector but then, to balance things out, I'll tell you one about a man who doesn't collect stamps.

Religions provide myriad comic ideas. It does not follow that the absence of religion will provide much material for stand-up comics.

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