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Jokes about religion are repetitive, tiring, worn out and get on our nerves?

Frankly, for the most part, I agree!

Sadly, the one thing that is even more repetitive, tiring, worn out and getting on our nerves than jokes about religion... is religion itself.

Their "facts" have been proven wrong. Their claims have been shown to be baseless. In centuries, they could not produce a single shred of credible evidence. And yet they keep going. And yet they close their eyes, cover their ears and continue to ignore all reason.

As long as that doesn't change, what else is there to say, other than to repeat that was has been said a thousand times over?

It's like a guy sitting in front of a computer that isn't plugged in. All you can say is "You need to plug the damn thing in!". But that guy isn't listening. He keeps hammering away at the keyboard, wiping the screen and swearing at the machine. And you can do nothing but scream "Seriously, dude, you need to plug it in!". And he doesn't. He goes on and on while you're desperately trying to get him to understand what you're saying until he finally turns around and demands that you "stop repeating the same, tired advice over and over and do something constructive".

The sad part isn't that religious comdey doesn' change. The sad part is that it cannot change, because religion doesn't change - neither in response to ridicule, nor to evidence, reason or suffering.

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