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Here's a winning formula:

Random idea + Richard Dawkins' name: Guardian article guaranteed.

I have to say I've pretty much had it with the Guardian. Apparently it's the fifth most popular website in the world. But with a few notable exceptions, the comments seem to be the last resort of a bunch of 1960s Workers Revolutionary Party exiles who don't seem to have noticed the Berlin Wall came down and exist only to 'smash the system'.

Anyone who puts up a serious argument against A Contributor is accused of heresy and their posts are moderated/deleted.

The unwritten law is Thou Shalt Not Make Our Contributors Look Silly. How can you possibly comply, when they do it so well all by themselves?

AC Grayling used to comment a bit, but for wholly sensible reasons has long since given up, I presume in disgust.

I see they just posted a £33 million loss and are firing more journalists... 1,100-plus staff, 690 of them journalists, to sell 250,000 copies a day, and falling...

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