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@ carolynmeredith:
"Why should God decide that the Judeo-Christian set of beliefs, as opposed to others, is the only path to salvation...?"

Well, if He's the only God, then by default He can only offer salvation through Himself.

As for the argument, 'what about people who haven't heard about Him' well, there's a part in the Bible somewhere that says that if you don't know you're sinning then you can't be held responsible. You're only sinning if you are told about God and you reject Him and His laws.

So presumably, people who haven't heard about God still go to Heaven, since they never had a chance to reject Him.

As far as the word 'evangelize', I looked it up, and you're right!

I used to work for Microsoft, and they used to use the word 'evangelize' when they were promoting a product or a service or what have you, so I assumed it had a broader definition than being specifically tied to Christianity.
Please accept my apologies, I wan't trying to claim that anyone on this web site was trying to spread Christianity, only that Mr. Dawkins is definitely trying to spread the word about atheism.


"If god exists, which god?"

The one in the Bible.

"Muslims believe they have a different god from the christian god, and both can't be right, according to each religion."


"So, if one religion can have their belief that is based on prophecy and faith, that is directly contradictory to the other faith, how can you decide which one is the true 'god'."

Through faith.

"There is no proof of either side being more correct"

Exactly, that's the point of Richard Dawkin's web site.

Can anyone answer my previous questions:

Doesn't that mean that atheists will never be the majority, as there are fewer highly intelligent people in this world than people of average intelligence?

Doesn't that also mean that in the literal sense of the word, atheism is in fact 'exclusive'?

I'm not trying to 'get you' I just want to know how you view your beliefs.

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