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Michael E Said:

>>Believers try to defend the evil in the world by telling us, "God gave us free will." If your free will leads you to superstition and ignorance, then you have to pay the price.<<

I agree. I don't buy this argument at all. Never have. I think any God that can conceive of such evil concepts as Death, Disease and Suffering, really needs to be questioned.

I consider myself to be fortunate and relatively healthy. I live in a First World country (England) and really, by other countries standards, and have a wonderful standard of living.

How many of us though have had health problems? Myself alone I've had:

Colds, Influenza, Gastroenteritis, Labyrinthitis, Respiratory Tract Infections, Hundreds of Stomach complaints, Sciatica, Lumbago, Tinnitus, Vertigo, migraines, muscle sprains et cetera.

These too me, are nothing complaints, compared to what many people suffer. Yet they have been far from fun. For myself, the very real experiences of these minor complaints is evidence of a natural selection at work. NOT Benevolent. NOT Benign. Just life, surviving where it can find a hold.

Are these and the many varied health complaints evidence of a 'God'? What kind of 'God' could conceive of such notions? Terminal Cancer in a child teaches us what, exactly? The Bible and its riddles is evidence of 'God'? Is this the same God that bans women from talking in church, tattoos, homosexuality and all the other well-known arguments Atheists are aware of?

The concept 'God', whatever one believes, is too far reaching for my understanding of existence. I wish I'd been taught Atheism and science from a young age. Perhaps then I wouldn't have felt dirty as a kid, when masturbating! Laugh you may, but religion does provide powerful influences over young, impressionable minds. I think its corrupt. Am I wrong? That loudmouth Haggard has been found out. He has violated his religion; lied to his wife; lied to his flock; bought disgrace on Christianity and his family. He has only been man enough to admit part of what he has been up to.

I wouldn't mind, but how often do we hear of ANOTHER religious person being found to be anything other than Christian?

The Human condition is perplexing. You don't see any other species arguing or warring as much as we do. We can't agree on much and we have to invent silly notions of afterlife and a higher power, to explain existence.

The concept God is too perplexing for myself. Rationality and reason is all there is. Is God reasonable? The evidence is sadly lacking.

Kind Regards, William.

Sat, 04 Nov 2006 12:25:00 UTC | #7015