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I appreciate you are feeling happy, I assume, that you survived and are still among us living organisms and I appreciate your thanking not some "spirit" but thanking the persons whose behaviors increased your chances of continuing to live. Regarding those persons who were praying for you, at least, I assume, they were thinking about you. If they were praying to the Christian God for your recovery from this event, I am wondering if any of them considered that this God, if omnipotent and omniscient, was surely aware of your event and, presumably, knew the outcome no matter what the prayers - wouldn't a "god" know that?

Regarding your statement "These messages from my family and from friends around the world have been literally heart-warming in my case, and I am grateful for the boost in morale (to truly manic heights, I fear!) that it has produced in me," I am not understanding how anything you read or heard could have "warmed" your heart or how "it" (what you saw or heard) can produce any activity in your brain whatsoever. No word, no image, no sound ever enters your brain, does it? What does occur in those specialized neurons with which the light "waves" (in case of the eyes)and sound "waves" (in case of the ears)come into contact? Although I do not know you, as Director of the Center for Cognitive Studies, I was expecting a bit more accurate use of language than used in the phase I quoted - know what I mean? I appreciate you felt something when you heard or read some words persons spoke or wrote, but I am thinking whatever you felt was the result of some patterns of thinking of your own that your brain used to interpret what you were seeing (reading) or hearing - so it was those patterns of thinking of yours that produced the feelings, not the words read or heard - wasn't it? "It" (the words read or heard) did not "produce" the boost in morale - "it" could not - why? So now I am wondering what thoughts you might be thinking about these thoughts I've shared.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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