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I understand what you're saying, sometimes it can be liberating to point out exactly what you think of someone's ignorant view.

When I am in that situation I usually reply that I am not superstitious. I could say I don't believe in fairies or unicorns or some other silly thing, but I think this is the point that Sam is making.

If you really want to get people to look at what they believe and get a meaningful dialogue going, it's probably not the best move to start by saying something that they will perceive as pointedly insulting. This is exactly like Sam's example: why insert the loaded label atheist into the statement? Why provoke unnecessarily?

You don't start a debate by saying your opponent is an idiot, even if they happen to be one. This is like a conversation stopper, much like how most of us would look at someone saying that "God is truth and all arguments we can give are simply the devil's work."

That stunned face they have as you walk away smiling isn't them asking themselves if their beliefs can really be compared to believing in fairies. That look is them wondering how you can be so foolish to believe that, combined with bewilderment and pity that you are probably going to hell.

I would view it as another lost opportunity to educate the ignorant... but that's just my opinion. We're both on the same side :)


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