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Harris is a brilliant arguer, and its kinda hard to disagree with him when he puts it like this. However, I think there is room for, and need for, both approaches. Obviously, acting as if only an ATHEIST (that loudly) could have the brains to understand why stem-cell banning is wrong, is obviously a bad idea. At the same time, its time to stand up and be counted, to come out, and thus passify and destroy the nonsensical myths about atheism that is clearly in abundance in America, the same could be said about stem-cell research itself, people need to know what it actually is, and not the religious mythical version of it. Many religious people, until you fair and square tell them "I dont believe there is a god." simply havent even CONSIDERED that your kind of people exist, and I guess if they do exist, they are these suicidal, nihilistic, demon-possessed Stalinists that you'd best stay away from..

Surely, we dont have to shout "atheist!" while trying to reason with people, and as in the example, it can be outright counter-productive in most cases, however, to stand up and be counted on a general basis, saying stuff like "Here we are, we're just people like you" is not counter-productive, and I think its an important part of being recognized.

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