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Wow Malcom, that's rough. You got people around you who are sympathetic with you wanting to make your way through this sticking with the rational? I sure understand the how the God stuff can sound alluring—promises of comfort and watching over your family in the event that you couldn't. I had a conversion experience in my teens and was a fundamentalist for about 4 years. Early on trying to make it without the social support of the church that I'd invested all my and relationships in not to mention the world view that answered most of the tough questions (until I learned more) was pretty rough going. I used to wonder if I would end up getting scared enough if I were aware that I was dying that I would revert back. Though even if I did revert, technically I dout I would have believed, but like Dennett has written about, I would have wanted to believe (believed in belief).

I admire you working to stick with the rational despite the inevitable pressures to do otherwise. Throughout history there proportionally haven't been all that many folks who've done so. Most people haven't known there was actually an option to opt out of a supernatural world view. I hope you experience some sense of pride in that. Hope your treatment is going well and that it does the trick.

Sat, 11 Nov 2006 12:46:00 UTC | #7512