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Hi octopus,

In answer to your question about mental capacity in afterlife, my guess is that in some form or other it is a sense of self. Might be in a similar way to the consciousness that you and I experience now. This raises the question of mental illness such as Alzheimer's. I have no idea what the answer to that is. As a Christian I believe all life is sacred. On a personal level all I feel is that at when I die I have a home to go to; beyond that I am not particularly interested. It's another form of tomorrow; I'm more interested in now, where you and I are.

Its fun to speculate, how about if there is a backup hard-drive in heaven with our lives on it that has a repair programme run on it when our consciousness gets installed on it. Any better ideas,? None existence is an excuse, as I have an Atheist friend who believes in the afterlife.

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