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First, Hitler was probably not an atheist but for the sake of this argument I'll consider him as doesn't matter.

The argument has to be followed logically backward before it can be dealt with logically forward. The claim "the atrocities of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc. were because of the atheism of those dictators" depends on the argument "without god(s) anything is permissible". This argument, of course, does not work because we know throughout the evolution of our species as we've become more and more social the individuals we have been forced to become more and more moral. This means all people share a sense of morality which varies to different degrees based on a combination of environmental and psychological factors.

So how are the exceptions of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc, explained? Well, if it isn't the subtraction of god(s) maybe it is the addition of other factors such as a history of abuse (Hitler and Stalin), being children of strict disciplinarian parents (Hitler, Stalin, Mao) or mental disorders (likely Hitler, less likely Stalin and/or Mao).

If that is not a convincing enough rebuttal:
The claim "atheism leads to monsters like Hitler, Mao, Stalin, etc" is clearly rebutted by facts. There have been millions of atheists throughout history and only 3 can be named as monsters.

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