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"This wonder is different in quality from contemplative wonder, which does not undo but lets be. It involves a conception of science that extends knowledge but admits its limits. Some things are beyond its comprehension and remain intrinsically mysterious. Consciousness, morality and existence itself are obvious candidates - the things that the artistic, religious and moral imagination are so well equipped to ponder."

Sorry, but you don't just get to conceive science how you like it and make it so. You can look at science and think about its limits as much as you want, but you don't set those limits. It would seem 'contemplative wonder' is simply deliberate ignorance.

Is there any logical reason AT ALL that I should believe a 'religious imagination' (or a 'moral imagination', whatever that is) is well equipped to ponder 'mysterious' things? Are you trying to say that people who are not religious have no capacity to ponder conciousness, morality and existence? Rubbish!

He also needs a history lesson. Francis Bacon, the author of the scientific method. Huh? What scientific method? There isn't one, there are many and he didn't come up with all of them.

This whole article irritates me. Who actually thinks it's a good thing to think thunder is a sign of impending doom? If that's the best reason you can come up with for religion... well, you're on a level with most theologians.

Crap. Lame crap.

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