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Oxy said: "Janus, I was actually rather impressed with Kelly's scholarship, relative to what I had seen from her previously. I agree that the RRS's methods tend to border on "antics", often appearing amateurish and infantile, but I thought that this piece bucked the trend."

Thanks Oxy for having the decency to see this piece for what it is. We realize that some of our stunts have made it hard for people who quickly judge books by their cover to not understand just how intellectual we can be here at RRS. Our antics in the past have been designed specifically to reach the layman. Major media publications want material that is more scholarly, and so therefore this entire year will be a demonstration in just how scholarly we can be, at least in this one aspect from Kelly.

Look forward to at least one piece per week that will debunk theist talking heads in a scholarly manner. Hopefully 2 per week... time and troll permitting.

Janus, will you be able to keep up the act of posting discouraging comments within seconds of Kelly's posts going on RDF for the next 50+ pieces that will be coming this year? Or will you at some point decide to admit the pieces she will be writing are not even in the realm of amateurish? And would more accurately be described as college level or higher.

For those interested in the fact that Kelly has not yet finished college, keep in mind she held a 4.0 and is half way through a 5 year Masters program in psychology, before having her third child made it too hard to juggle it all. In those 2 years she made honors in both english lit and composition. She plans to return to school soon, will gain easy acceptance in to one of three Ivy League Schools, and will one day hold the credential that will make people who value a piece of paper over actual intelligence, happy.

For more on this issue, see Matthew Chapman's Youtube video about this:

Lastly, if anyone would actually like to engage in the discussion of these issues with Kelly, she will entertain comments in her blog on RRS website throughout the year.

Hopefully she will have the opportunity this year to actually write these articles, as opposed to responding to trolls and hate when the stories are posted. I will be trying to respond to some of the criticism off site, while she will (hopefully) only take the time to respond to people in her own blog.

If any of you get behind this project, please feel free to utilize this particular post of mine to answer other trolls in the future, when deconstructive criticism and trollish behavior ensues. Each time we have to respond to a troll takes away from our time to respond to someone of importance... like Dinesh (yes, I know we wish he wasn't important, but he is).

Here is the blog:

Here is the feed:

And you can find a widget for your website that will catalog Kelly's efforts on our myspace page:

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