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I am having real trouble following your arguments here, Dianelos Georgoudis.
It seems to me like you are saying (1) that because things like logic, morality, maths, science, etc. are human constructs, they can give no valid contributions to the question of what "reality" (really) is? That they have no ontological value. Furthermore, (2) as they clearly do lead to some sort of improvement (in the moral zeitgeist, in our (the human race's) body of knowledge), this implies ... what? A metaphysical connection of the human mind and "reality".

Sincerely (and I'm not being sarcastic here): Can you clear that up for me? What is it you're saying? (1) seems like a non sequitur to me, but that might be down to confusion...

Thu, 08 Nov 2007 07:33:00 UTC | #82210